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Strategy: Conservative Digital Asset Market Index seeking to outperform the overall market on a relative basis. - Start date: 3.1.2019


Coin Savage Index

Rank: 3

Absolute Return: 2.12%  |  Overall Market: 5.76%  |  Return vs Crypto Market: -3.64%

Portfolio Allocation


Auto Invest your spare change in Bitcoin and other Digital Assets when making everyday purchases!

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Portfolio Table

Asset Name Symbol Amount USD Value Allocation
Decentraland MANA 116,507.7945 $5,785.72 5.67%
Xrp XRP 31,051.3566 $9,645.72 9.45%
Ethereum ETH 181.1057 $24,846.44 24.33%
Bitcoin BTC 12.8939 $51,843.48 50.77%
US Dollars USD 10,000.0000 $10,000.00 9.79%


Date Action Amount Name Symbol Total USD USD Per Coin
03.01.2019 4:57pm BUY 116,507.7945 Decentraland MANA for $5,000.00 @ $0.04
Comment: Speculative investment in a virtual world with potential in Ecommerce and gaming applications.
03.01.2019 4:55pm BUY 31,051.3566 Xrp XRP for $10,000.00 @ $0.32
Comment: Increasing adoption in international cross payments
03.01.2019 4:54pm BUY 181.1057 Ethereum ETH for $25,000.00 @ $138.04
Comment: Dominant decentralized application platform.
03.01.2019 4:53pm BUY 12.8939 Bitcoin BTC for $50,000.00 @ $3,877.82
Comment: Market leader