Top Crypto Analysts Ranked by Performance.

# Portfolio
Analyst Strategy
1 5.71%
Andrew Elliott Approach is similar to Venture Capital investing. Interesting projects with solid teams. Usually stay in the top 100 cryptos.
2 3.54%
Justin Kauszler 50% BTC/XRP, and a few alts.
3 -1.22%
Jason Bourne Proportional market share, regressive with long tail for increased "luck surface area"
4 -1.60%
Lujàn Odera Always buy low, sell high. Keep a portion of BTC in the portfolio.
5 -3.33%
Doug Grant Top 20 portfolio, top holdings BTC and XRP
6 -5.42%
IcarusDC Bitcoin mostly + high volume Alts
7 -6.83%
Atul S. I invest in tokens that I like
8 -7.00%
Thant11 50% BTC/ETH and my favorite alts
9 -9.43%
Gil H. ...
10 -9.92%
11 -10.36%
Digital Downtown Investing in platforms and coins that develop strategic partnerships with government and industry. Continuously reevaluated based on risk and innovation.
12 -12.75%
Matt Lunkes Variance & expected return optimization for Top-10 crypto-assets (excluding Tether). Periodically re-weighted.
13 -17.12%
Bill One All BTC
14 -17.14%
Cellou Diallo buy low sell high
15 -17.22%
Craig U. Long term focus on large cap assets. Diversified across currency, platform, and utility tokens. Top holdings: BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM, POLY
16 -17.78%
Rakiza A diversified portfolio of cryptoassets for maximum flexibility and profitability in volatile markets.
17 -24.77%
Christophe W. Top 20 with focus on privacy coins
18 -25.76%
D.M. Brooks Short term risk long term results. Higher allocation to top cryptos with declining exposure to smaller coins to drive return while mitigating risk.
19 -29.57%
Dev B. 50% long term holdings, 50% active trading. Top holdings BTC, ETH, BCH
20 -29.93%
Josh G. ...
21 -31.43%
Gabrielle G. Top 50 cryptos with focus on Platforms. Top Holding ETH, EOS, XTZ, LSK
22 -33.26%
Olusola Top 30 Hodl and Rebalance
23 -33.88%
Crypto247Knight Bullish on BTC, Entry Points are crucial, shorts n longs work out well.
24 -34.15%
Avi F. High confidence coins based on fundamental and qualitative analysis. Enter and exit positions to accumulate specific coins based on proprietary indicators that indicate overall market health. Low churn, not "day trading".
25 -46.60%
directbus Sentiment Analysis