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Category: ZCoin (XZC)

Privacy Coin Trades – February 27th 2019



Last year’s massive bullish run in the cryptocurrency market turned bearish by the start of February 2018. This opened the industry to prying eyes of regulators and authorities across the world. In 2017, the Chinese government banned the launch of ICOs in the country and closed down multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. Some months later, the SEC […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Privacy Coins

Posted June 16, 2018 on CoinSavage.com This article was originally published at CoinCentral.com, follow this link to the original article (https://coincentral.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-privacy-coins/) *** April 20, 2018 | Steven Buchko Who Needs Privacy, Anyway? Governments, Facebook, maybe even your neighbor – with the technological advancements these days, it’s fairly easy for anyone to snoop around and get a sneak […]

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