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The era of cryptocurrency smartphones: HTC Exodus 1 and Samsung Galaxy S10

Credits: HTC Exodus 1 leads the way when it comes to decentralization, crypto accessibility and security. HTC Exodus 1 incorporates easier to use P2P services as well as a cryptocurrency wallet referred to as Zion. Samsung’s latest flagship device integrates cold wallet storage for Bitcoin and Ethereum.   Technology is a dynamic field. Nothing stays […]

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Enjin — Altcoin Appreciation Month



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Welcome back everyone, today were going to be looking at a token devoted to a booming industry around the world. Video games. Enjin is an ERC20 token that wants to tokenize purchase of items and other commodities within video games. The project is ambitious and has the backing of many organizations within the gaming world. […]

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How Blockchain Technology is Changing the Gaming Industry

Posted April 7th on This article was originally published at, follow this link to the original article ( *** April 6th, 2018 |Steven Buchko Blockchain Technology and Online Gaming: An Emerging Goldmine The world is unraveling new use cases for blockchain technology each day. Although most people think of Bitcoin and finance when they hear […]

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