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What P2P Markets Are Better Decentralized?

This post originally appeared as a contributed article on Coindesk on December 27, 2018. Click here to read the post.   Over the last 20 years, a lot of companies have built large online marketplaces to connect buyers and sellers. Amazon, eBay, Uber, and AirBnb typically come to mind as the most obvious examples. But there are […]

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$100 Trillion

Last Friday, Yale, the iconic long-term investor that other endowments look to for guidance, made a historic investment in two funds dedicated to crypto, signaling to many that institutional floodgates are officially open. As the manager of one of the more established cryptofunds, we often get asked, “How big can crypto really get?” The short answer is: […]

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Debunking Market Narratives: Litecoin ($LTC) Edition


Multicoin Capital

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Disclosure: Multicoin Capital is short LTC.   Narratives are an immensely powerful tool, so much so, that experts generally attribute civilization’s rapid development to humans’ ability to efficiently tell stories. Due to their impact on human behavior, narratives can significantly affect our perception of value. In the current crypto market climate, reality is often overlooked […]

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The Web3 Stack

This article was originally published by Kyle Samani at Multicoin Capital. Multicoin Capital’s mission is to accelerate the transition from the centralized institutions of the Industrial Age to the decentralized institutions of the Internet Age.   I have yet to see an actual illustration of the Web3 stack. So this is an attempt. Given how […]

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