Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople Hard fork – February 26, 2019

The Ethereum Constantinople hard fork was scheduled to happen earlier in the year but was cancelled after a bug was found in the update. The hard fork is set to reduce the miners block rewards from 3 ETH per block mined to 2 ETH. The 33% reduction in block rewards is however taunted to boost the price of ETH higher as miners increase their mining hash rate.

We announced in an earlier post of the hard fork being rescheduled in the last week of February or later. Recent reports however point to a specific date, February 28th, as the set date for the Constantinople hard fork.

Previous hard forks and block reduction on Bitcoin have seen the asset’s price increase significantly and hence a similar reaction is expected with ETH. Don’t miss out on bagging in the profits as the price of ETH currently offers an opportunity to buy.

Ethereum (ETH)

Current Trading price: $138.56

Current Purchase Value: $2,000

Potential Purchase Value: $5,000

Reason to buy: Constantinople hard fork coming up