About Me – Book Update


Roughly six years ago the news started to cover Bitcoin and it’s rising usage. These early articles started my own interest in Bitcoin because the vision of the technology just made sense. Back then, Bitcoin was used almost solely on the dark web as the preferred method of payment due to its decentralized nature and ability to use anonymously. Back in 2012, the value of Bitcoin was about $1.00 and few were confident in putting any money in it. Aside from Mt. Gox, there wasn’t many places to put money in to invest.

In hindsight, a guide to explain the basics and show me how to place orders into the crypto-currency market would have been quite valuable. Gambling can be fun!

If I had just put as little as $100 into Bitcoin back then, my investment would be worth over $610,000 today!

What got me started in Bitcoin:

The years passed, the stock market returned, and my investing continued in stocks and funds. It wasn’t until March 2017 that I began making investments due to the news coverage and social media. These investments have turned out well to date even with the bear market because of getting in that early.

Why I wrote How Anyone Can Invest:

The purpose for these books is to help people go from not knowing what crypto-currency is, to taking an interest in it. Hopefully, they will become successful investors too.

Several changes have occurred both within the crypto market as well as externally since writing my first book on the world of crypto. The next edition will cover these changes in more detail.

As of today, the crypto market has had extreme growth and a massive correction. This bear market seems to slowly be losing its steam month by month.

In Conclusion:

It’s important in moments like these to always remember the long-term trends and not fear the unknown. Due to the radical swings of this market, it is time to refresh the last book and release the 3rd edition.  Work has begun and you can expect news on when it will be ready in a few weeks.

Thank you for reading and Stay Tuned…