TomoChain Altcoin Review

TomoChain Altcoin Review

By: The Crypto Sky @thecryptosky


TomoChain’s main mission is to build the “Internet of Value”, and they are designing the infrastructure to do so. They are currently developing a solution to Ethereum’s scalability issue using a network of smaller tomo blockchains with the main Ethereum blockchain as a foundation. These “tomochains” are also upgraded, with features such as instant confirmations, and very minimal fees. The chains will also be integrated with the Ethereum network for backup and the ability to support atomic cross chain transfers.

Coin Metrics

  • Ticker: TOMO
  • Release Date: March 1, 2017
  • ROI: 2.58x BTC
  • Current Price BTC: 0.00006120 BTC
  • Current Price USD: $0.478188 USD
  • Market Cap: $26,300,340 USD
  • Circulating Supply: 55,000,000 TOMO
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 TOMO
  • 24hr Volume: $135,456

*as of April 12, 2018


TomoChain already has a working testnet which includes 2-second confirmations and zero transaction fees, and support for all Ethereum smart contracts. They also have their app available for both the IOS, and Android marketplace. This is another good sign. Their app is currently used to share date but as the project progresses will be used as a wallet, and will be integrated with third party API’s. TomoChain’s official platform is scheduled to be launched in Q4 of 2018, but the progress they have made and the current network they have shown this team should definitely complete their goal and fully launch their platform in Q4.


Long Vuong is the founder and CEO. He is a very credible headman and was also the co-founder/project leader of NEM, a very successful blockchain project that is currently ranked in the top 20 on coinmarketcap. These are the people I love to see heading new projects, people who have experience and have actually built a successful blockchain company. Advisor Roger Lim is another big name on the board. Roger is the director of the Qlink foundation, a blockchain project that is trying to tackle the decentralization of mobile networks. Their advisors and team is very much linked in with the Asian tech world, which is big. One of their advisors, Willis Wee, is even the CEO of Tech in Asia. Tech in Asia is a media company covering the Asian technology space. The only negative I see from the team section is how small the team is. They currently have more advisors than team members. It’s still a fairly young project, and while this may not be a huge deal, I think it’s worth mentioning.

Things To Note

The first thing I noticed when looking at their website is they are partnered with NEO. This would be great for both sides. NEO has shown they have issues with their platforms scalability and TomoChain could integrate their platform and possibly solve these issues. The team also has a very strong Asian presence which strengthens the connection to NEO. They have a very clean and clear white paper showing the upcoming events. Also, they already have multiple working products which are a huge plus, especially with how young this project is and how small their team is.

Where To Purchase Tomochain

  • IDEX


TomoChain has a lot of hype around it especially in crypto twitter, however, I believe this hype is backed up by the solid project the team is currently creating. Despite the small team, and the project is so young, they have developed multiple working products and have already accomplished the task of building a brand name and very good sentiment in the crypto space. This project has a huge amount of upside and as the team continues to develop, I believe you will see this coin continue to rise.


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